Acupuncture to regulate the Qi

Acupuncture regulates the free flow of Qi — the essential energy of life – throughout the meridians and as well as through the entire body. There is a saying in Chinese Medicine, “Tong zhi bu tong. Bu tong zhi tong. – With free flow, there is no pain. Without free flow there is pain”. This quote speaks to the essential importance of ensuring the correct and unobstructed movement of Qi, energy, through the body. Qi should move through the body in a regulated but uninhibited flow. This movement of energy is necessary to facilitate all aspects of physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

Many factors can influence the movement of Qi and result not only in stagnations but also deficiency (or lack) of Energy. Physical injuries and traumas, improper diet, inactivity or too much activity, imbalance of work and rest, past illness, medications, environmental factors such as viruses, bacteria, toxins, and climate, and even emotional stress can all affect the free flow of energy through the body. When the Qi does not move correctly, becomes stagnant, or deficient, ill states of health will arise.

The acupuncture points are often located on the meridians, but may also be found by palpation or touch. This palpation-touch not only assists with diagnosis, but also prepares the body to heal. Acupuncture needles are very thin and most often painless.* The sensation one may feel with the acupuncture might be warmth, coolness, pulsing, a sense of release or relaxation, pressure, tingling, tickling, flow, or a combination of sensations. It is not uncommon to feel a deep sense of relaxation during a treatment. Patients often fall asleep during the sessions.

* Dong Bang ‘spring handle’ needles (the type of needles I use in my practice) bare compliance with CE, ISO 9002, British Q-mark, 510K certification from the FDA and WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines. TGA approved and registered. These certifications ensure every needle is finished to the highest quality.


In areas of the body with a great deal of stagnation or blockages, glass or silicon cups may be used to clear these stagnations.  In the body regions where the cups are applied, there will be improved blood, Qi and lymph circulation. This improvement of circulation can have far reaching positive health benefits for all aspects of the body. Cupping restores the free flow of Qi, relaxes the tissues and relieves pain from the muscles, tendons and ligaments. The cups may be left in one place, or moved from area to area. Body regions commonly cupped include the arms, shoulders, neck, legs, hips, and back. I often combine gentle massage with both the cupping and acupuncture treatments, based on the needs of the individual.