In addition to the Chinese herbs I carry a full line of medicinal mushroom supplements in powder form produced by Mycology Nutrition. The mushrooms in my pharmacy, such as Reishi (LingZhi), Chaga, Oyster (Pleurotus), Turkey Tail (Coriolus), and Shiitake are all well researched for their anti-viral (including the SARS-CoV-2 virus), anti- inflammatory, anti-bacterial and immune system boosting and/or modulating properties. Many also regulate blood flow, most are anti-tumor, hepatoprotective, reduce fatigue and lower stress reactions, support the adrenal function, assist the body in detoxification, are anti-allergy and provide easily digestible micronutrients. The immune system benefits of certain mushrooms are profound in that they respond to the body’s specific needs; increasing immunity in instances of immune deficiency while ‘calming’ it when autoimmune conditions are present.

Herbal Medicine and Natural Supplements

Inre Balans Akupunktur features an extensive herbal medicine pharmacy with over 230 individual herbs as well as specific patent (pill form) herbal formulas. The individual herbs, distributed by Phoenix Medical, are in granular form, making them easy to prepare and consume. Granulars are quickly absorbed and easily digested to maximize the effectiveness of the herbal medicine. The single herbs allow me to prepare a specific herbal recipe, composed usually of four to sixteen different herbs, to address each individual patient’s specific needs. The herbs are of the highest quality and safety available in Europe as delineated on the Phoenix Medical website:

‘Our concentrated herbal granules are produced by the largest producer of concentrated granules in the world. We chose them for their unprecedented commitment to quality, safety and research as they set the standard of granulated Chinese pharmacopoeia and are recognized worldwide. In 2016, their laboratories obtained the CNAS status which is recognized internationally and throughout Europe.’

Herbal Medicine Safety and Good Manufacturing Practice

All of the herbs and supplements at Inre Balans Akupunktur are of the highest quality and meet the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. The herbal provider also follows the guidelines monitored by CITES which ensures that endangered species of plants shall never be used in this pharmacy.