Elise is a truly gifted practitioner. Her ability to understand my concerns and symptoms and then skillfully treat them has been a saving grace. Her commitment to my wellness is undeniable; evident in the extra time she’s spent researching to find the best solutions to help me regain my inner balance. She is kind, compassionate, and invested in the health of each person she cares for. Her partnership in my health has made a tremendous difference to my health, wellbeing, and outlook on life.

Chana G

Elise is someone who listens not only outwardly but inwardly with compassion and a heart full of the very best intentions for her clients. I am much more balanced and more whole as a person because of her devotion to bringing everything she has to her work. I count myself hugely fortunate to have been in her care and can only believe that you will too.


I had the pleasure of being a patient of Elise Sachs for over 5 years. She saved my live. I owe my health, my chronic disease management and the quality of my life to her. She is a very smart and caring professional that is extremely devoted to the well-being and treatment of her patients. One of a kind lady that will be missed terribly.

Yael B.

Elise was one of three acupuncturists I had ever received treatment from. The only practitioner I continued with was Elise. The difference was obvious in the first session. My body responded immediately. Elise is highly skilled, thorough, professional and very effective. After my treatment got under way and I felt the amazing benefits I referred many of my own patients to Elise

I first reached out to Elise for treatment of symptoms related to Tarlov cysts sitting on my sacral nerve roots. Not only did the treatments greatly reduce my symptoms but I gained the awareness of what it is like to have my whole system “settle”. The treatments were profound in many ways. Elise is a true gem and will be greatly missed.

Darcy P, physical therapist

I first started seeing Elise to help me with pain in my lower back and legs. I had acupuncture treatments only once previously with no positive results, so I was a little hesitant and not optimistic about the potential for relief. Elise immediately made me feel comfortable about the session by explaining what she does, why she does it and how it works. After the first session, I had instant relief from the sciatic pain that was preventing me from walking and continuing any daily activity. As my sessions with Elise continued, they allowed me to re-gain movement where I had otherwise been restricted by flexibility and pain. Once the pain was under control, I was able to focus on my mobility and flexibility.

I have since been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hips and am scheduled for hip replacement surgery. Elise’s treatments are helping me prepare for the surgery. Life should be less about pain management, and more about thriving in your activities – and Elise is 100% responsible for me doing that! Elise Sachs is not just an acupuncturist, she is a healer. I can safely speak for all of her clients here in Boulder Colorado when I say our loss is your gain, and I encourage you to seek her help with whatever it is that ails you.

Patrick L.

Over the past eight years, Elise has effectively treated me for hormonal/PCOS symptoms, myofascial neck and shoulder pain, and depression and anxiety. The breadth of her knowledge, as well as her deep, compassionate intuition, continue to amaze me. Elise’s approach is consistent, but also flexible; balancing my immediate and long-term needs and making sure each visit is meaningful. I always feel extremely well cared for, relaxed, and uplifted after one of her treatments. When I go into a visit feeling achy and exhausted from my neck and shoulder pain, not only is she able to alleviate most—if not all—of my pain, but I also leave feeling rejuvenated. In addition, Elise has helped me to successfully transition away from Western medicine to deal with my hormonal issues in a balanced, sustainable way.

The respect and commitment she gives her patients is profound. It is a rare gift to find a doctor who goes to such great lengths to listen to and care so deeply for her patients’ particular medical needs and experiences. Elise is one such doctor.

Emily S

I met Elise through the SafeHouse, Boulder CO. Elise offered her services to battered women for no cost. For three years I was Elise’s patient. During this time I went through a lot of ups and downs and she was always there for me. I received not only excellent medical care, but I felt so much warmth, love and support from her. She became a very dear person to me.

It is hard to explain my experience in her office. It always surprises me how precisely and accurately she finds the right spots, how she knows what my body needs. Her gentle, painless technique provides complete relaxation and renovation. She has opened depths in my body I never knew existed. I could not even imagine that relaxation can be so deep, so transcendental. Her compassion and understanding always made me feel better emotionally. I tried a few herb teas she made for my condition, and they worked better than pharmaceutical pills.

I will really miss her and I am really sad she decided to leave Colorado, but I wish her the best in her new life. Anyone will be lucky to have her as an eastern doctor.

Anya S.

My doctor recommended I see Elise Sachs to help regulate my menstrual cycle over four years ago. Elise helped me with that and also helped me with some deep-seated trauma from a car accident that I was in when I was sixteen. When I was sixteen, I was thrown out of car, blacked out, and received 30 stitches. I don’t remember anything that happened just before or during the accident. I just remember waking up in the gutter with a possible spinal injury. For 25 years, I flinched whenever someone touched my back. Through Elise’s amazing acupuncture treatments, I have not experience my flinching response for the last several years. I would wholeheartedly recommend Elise to anyone seeking caring and professional acupuncture.

Susie Y.

Hi my name is Ann and I have no hesitation recommending Elise as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. I started see Elise in 2010 and continued receiving treatment until she left for Sweden in 2015.

My local doctor (GP) suggested working with Elise after I attended her office with anxiety and hormonal changes due to menopause. My doctor suggested seeing Elise and asked me to return to her office if I did not start feeling better, needless to say I did return to my doctor, but just for annual checkups. If I wanted to feel better (even from a cold), I booked an appointment with Elise.

Elise has helped me through many life challenges she was my therapist and doctor all rolled in to one. I was very sad when she decided to move to Sweden but understood her reasoning, and have great respect for her decision.

In closing I would like to say Sweden you are very lucky to have Elise living and practicing in your country.

Ann G.

I simply must begin by saying that Elise Sachs is gifted as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

I am 56 and over the course of my lifetime, I have been diagnosed with a group of auto immune diseases which left me unable to work or even lift myself out of bed. I’ve visited Western Doctor after Western Doctor seeking treatment. Over the course of 20 years, I found some relief through their treatments and the 20 different medications that I have been prescribed. Although life was better, I was still left with many problems which I had accepted as part of my life. I visited other alternative health practitioners including Chinese Medicine practitioners.

Elise was recommended to me by a western medicine doctor. During our 3 year relationship, Elise has improved my quality of life to the degree I didn’t think possible. I’ve found her to be extremely thoughtful, with an intuitiveness that is unparalleled. Elise does not hesitate to tell you that she may not have the answer but she will have a plan by the next time you see her. She loves what she does and studies constantly. She takes educational courses to deepen her already broad base of knowledge. Elise is always available to you. She does not separate herself through technology. If you need to get in touch with her, you can.

In addition to all of my positive comments about Elise’s medical abilities above, Elise is a highly educated and very intelligent individual. Her credentials include a bachelors degree from Princeton University in physics and an MS in astrophysics from CU Boulder. She also has a Masters in Chinese medicine and 14 years of experience practicing medicine. For Elise, who is constantly striving to learn new things, those 14 years are more valuable than they would be for many in the medical field!

Elise practices medicine because she truly loves what she does. She has more human compassion than anyone I know. Elise believes in healthful living and practices what she preaches. Elise exercises daily and eats to live. She’s studied nutrition enough to know what creates a healthy diet. Elise glows. All this being said, I consider Elise a friend and confidant.

Amy R.

Jag gick i regelbunden behandling hos Elise Sachs medan hon hade sin praktik i Boulder, Colorado. Elise var känd som en duktig, välutbildad och seriös akupunktör i stan och hade en välbesökt praktik. Vad som imponerade mig mest med Elise var hennes klarsynta och sakliga bemötande. Hon hade förmågan att lyssna aktivt och snabbt hitta en fungerande behandlingsplan. Elise var också en varm och medkännande praktiker. Jag kan verkligen rekommendera Elise till både nya och erfarna användare av akupunktur. Ni är i goda händer hos Elise och får behandling av en erfaren, entusiastisk och effektiv akupunktör.

Merete L